Corpus Christi Parish

Corpus Christi Parish

Church at 2075 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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in Portsmouth, NH

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  • Sunday really late afternoon my wife and I get into Portsmouth and we stopped at the side of the road to get our bearings and to find out will tell the book for the night and we see a statue of Mother Mary in the way foreground. We look up to find out that we're a block away from this gorgeous Catholic Church. This is the Oasis that we always bump into when we're traveling and we now know that we have to stop get out and really take a break, much-needed break. And we find the church completely open so we tore downstairs slip in for a time of prayer and meditation and glorify the fact that we are in such a beautiful and holy place. No doubt that you should come and take advantage of this gorgeous holy place.

    Added April 16, 2017 by Mickey Itchon
  • After traveling most of the days Saturday and Sunday we got back home too late to catch 6:30 mass on 2/15/15, but were able to watch a full mass at 9PM on YouTube, thanks to Corpus Christi's mass video tape. Thank you for letting us worship.

    Added November 06, 2016 by Robert Brandstetter
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